Design playground, Thoughts

‘The Study-bots’ …. stationery come alive !!!

An idea I had earlier this year ….. The thought was :

‘What if Stationery were not really stationary. Can Stationery be played with?
This direction of thought gave rise to a fun little toy idea as shown…..
The objects have lives of their own , outside their normal modes of existence.
Work with them in their static mode and play with them in the dynamic mode.
Both modes are achieved by specific joinery for the limbs.….’

As an example , pictured below is the Sharpner-bot :

for more images please visit (more bots include an eraser, ruler/scale, and a pencil cap)

I went back to look at the idea from the perspective of whether this toy enables a child to be a game designer or player ?

My initial thought while creating the toy was that a child (or an adult for that matter) would like to play with the characters to create his/her own worlds , when bored with stationery during study ….

But does this thought limit stationery to be played with as robots, or can they become much more? …. What if the entire concept of stationery as toys could be broken down even further to include numerous themes and world of play…

Worth thinking about…don’t u think?


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