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Came across this very interesting set of interactive devices called ‘Siftables’ created by David Merill along with Taco Labs as part of his Phd thesis at MIT media labs (fluid interfaces)

David Merill gives a wonderful Tedtalk where he speaks about his creation … do have a look at it at the MIT website ……it says much more than what I could write here 🙂

In the words of the creator:

“Imagine overturning a container of nuts and bolts, then looking through the resulting pile for a particular item. Or spreading photographs out on a tabletop and then beginning to sort them into piles. During these activities we interact with large numbers of small objects at the same time, and they utilize all of our fingers and both hands together. We humans are skilled at using our hands in these ways, and can effortlessly sift and sort – focusing on our higher level goals rather than the items themselves.

Siftables aims to enable people to interact with information and media in physical, natural ways that approach interactions with physical objects in our everyday lives. As an interaction platform, Siftables applies technology and methodology from wireless sensor networks to tangible user interfaces. Siftables are independent, compact devices with sensing, graphical display, and wireless communication capabilities. They can be physically manipulated as a group to interact with digital information and media. Siftables can be used to implement any number of gestural interaction languages and HCI applications.”

The siftables are actually being built ….website:

I was really entranced by the aspect of story-telling where children or even adults could create their own stories and plot lines using a group of siftables …

Kudos to David and his team, and I really hope they get Siftables into the market soon….


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