Tord Boontje’s tranSglass collection

I recently stumbled across a series of beautiful objects created by the London based designer Tord Boontje , using recycled bottles….

I think its a wonderful example where something used and done with, finds a new life by just playing with subtle subtractions and additions in form…

The Designer says ” The idea behind our tranSglass label is to use what we have. We developed this range from recycled bottles using the relatively simple machines we have in our workshop.

We have all taken an empty bottle and turned it into something else: we pop a candle into the neck and it is a candelabra, we fill it with flowers and it becomes a vase. A diagonally-cut Soave bottle becomes a jug, two Chardonnay bottles make a carafe. Silician table wine transforms into a vase for orchids and the bottoms of beer bottles make a group of drinking glasses.”

do check out more of it at Tord Boontje’s Studio website :

I find a lot of poetry and beauty in the entire range of products he has worked on..


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