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‘Blossom’ wins the gold prize at the ‘LG cubes’ design innovation awards…

Some great news in the design playground front:  ‘Blossom’ my design idea for a Medical dosage manager and care giver has won the Gold prize in the professional category of the LG CUBES – Design Innovation award 🙂

Do have a look at for images from the competition.

Recieving the award from Mr Moon B Shin, MD , LG India

This was a national level competition ( which I spoke about in my earlier post where the images for Blossom have been put up) , with over 400 entries coming into fray.

LG had invited the finalists to Delhi for a final presentation and awards ceremony on the 16th. It was a wonderful get together of eager , creative minds and I am glad to say I met a lot of  designers/inventors,  some really experienced and some just starting up (like me )  and it felt good to hear about their experiences in the field. It was also very interesting to hear the origins of some of the ideas showcased in the the competition.

The prizes were pretty amazing , where along with a cash prize and a spanking new Wacom Cintiq 21 inch , the winners would be taken to the LG design center at Seoul sometime next year.

Thank you LG India, and the entire organizing team of LG-Cubes for such a great opportunity and I really hope Blossom and other great ideas showcased in the competition are researched/manufactured and brought into the reality.

My entry.....



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