‘Save university arts from the bean counters’ …. an article from NATURE …..

Excerpt from the article written by Gregory Petsko in Naturenews ……

“If arts and humanities are to survive, we who work in the sciences need to stand up for them and alongside them. Why? We should proclaim not only our love for the humanities as educated people, but their crucial role in our lives as professional scientists. I learned to think critically, analyse deeply and write clearly in my university humanities courses, not in my science courses. I found humanities the most valuable subjects in school. They still broaden my thinking, help me to make connections and aid my ability to communicate. ………The humanities are the victim of two pernicious trends that have crept into the management of universities in the past decade or two, based on the idea that market forces should control what happens in education, as they are supposed to influence the economy…………..

………The second damaging trend is the growing mantra of student choice, which increasingly dictates what programmes are offered, expanded and supported. The thinking here is that students are consumers, and market forces will lead to efficiencies in education, just as they do in, say, finance…….That the best and most valuable education combines breadth with depth is something that most students do not yet understand…….”

A lovely article , and a good find by my friend and fellow designer Hari. It speaks volumes about the uni-dimensional thinking which is prevalent in schools and universities nowadays. He speaks about examples in the US and Europe, but I feel the same can be said of colleges in India as well, and there are many of us who are victims of this trend in education.


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