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CIID Physical Computing Week 1 and 2…

This was a 2 week skills workshop  conducted by Massimo Banzi and David Gauthier.

Collaborators : Yufan Wei Wang , Hyoena Yang

Major project at the end of the second week..

Learn about the RGB color system …

The RGB color model is used for reproducing colour on any standard digital display. It is an ubiquitous underlying fact about displays which is not often discussed. We wished to demystify the reproduction in the form of an interactive game. Here the user learns about how colour mixing happens on each pixel through this game which has two modes- Match and Create.

In the Match mode, colours on a 4×4 pixel matrix are to be matched in around 120 seconds, whereas in the create mode the user can come up with his own personalised icon. To do this, the game has two parts, the first being the console – which acts as a customising tool for the user through the use of:

Slides (for each colour Red, Green, Blue); Buttons (signifying direction of movement and choice); and finally Palette (with specific colour templates, which aid the user when he/she is stuck with a colour mixing choice). The second is the Screen where the actual game video is seen and played.

The programming is done in processing, which then communicates with the Arduino board in the console and the display screen. ‘Reactivision‘ (an open source, cross-platform computer vision framework for fast and robust tracking of markers attached onto physical objects) is used for the colour recognition system in the palette.

1-Day project … Beat me

Team: John Lynch , Mette Lyckegaard


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