CIID, Design playground

Video prototyping week : ‘On route’

One week Skills class taught by Vinay Venkataraman  and Sebastian Ronde Thielke

Collaborator : Chris Bierbower

The On-Route concept …

Low Fidelity & Low Resolution proto ….

High Fidelity & High Resolution proto …

The brief was to create a video scenario for a fictional design concept. ‘On-Route’ is a service where people can use their commutes to help each other with daily tasks. It was very broad at first but eventually the team narrowed down the service concept to be specific to people who work or study at the same location every day.

Over the course of the week this team explored the concept by making two videos. The first was a rough sketch, meant to convey the broad concept and its overarching benefits and drawbacks. Storyboards were drawn, props were built and finger puppets were used to shoot the video rapidly over half a day. This was a low fidelity – low resolution prototype.

The second video was a hi-fidelity, medium resolution video of the service. This was meant to explore the subtleties of the user’s experience and their use of On-Route. This time, scenes were shot using high quality cameras, good microphones and editing software that allowed the team to visually simulate how mobile devices could be utilized to access the users network.

All of this was done under a very tight deadline to emphasize how video prototypes can be used as a sketching tool.


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