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Skills upgrade : ‘Motors and Music’

A week long programme on Haptic feedback  and sound by Bill Verplank and David Gauthier.

Gone Fishin’ is an exploration in haptic feedback design that turns the struggle with reeling in a fish caught on a fishing line into a music-making experience.

The fishes struggle is emulated using haptic feedback generated by a DC motor controlled with Arduino and the player is given the opportunity to interact with this behaviour through their fishing rod. The reward of synthesised music (produced using Max/MSP) reflects the struggle between player and fish, producing a haptic/auditory symphony of sound that encourages you to keep playing and find new patterns of music.

Gone Fishin’ was produced as part of a week long module taught by Bill Verplank at CIID. Special thanks to his help, knowledge and wisdom. Also special thanks to David Gauthier for co-teaching the course with Bill and making things possible!

Playing with a 'Plank' , a voice coil motor

Arduino + Max MSP

Setup on the ceiling

Mac and I with the fish


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