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Service Design : The “Copenhagen airport” context

Ongoing Research project to enhance the airport experience at the Copenhagen International Terminal.

The airport is a place of many emotions, many systems , many paths, people , languages, cultures, rules and the list could go on. It was quite a daunting and interesting task to make sense of it all in 2 weeks to come out with a research and prototyping directions.

This post here will be speaking about some of the process and the numerous sketches we made (we icludes me , Martin and Hyoena from CIID)  along with a number of images and videos.

Questions being asked and thoughts of my team:

– What are the Rituals and Rites of passage people undergo in an airport?

Seamless vs Beautiful seams…. What/ who are the beautiful seams in the airport?

Soft Interactions….the Machine vs Human help conundrum, and how are the two spheres overlapping

Graceful aging in systems and services

We adopted a policy of active sketching at every instance and ended up with a lot of observational sketches and also flow sketches.

Overview of all our sketches

Perception of time

Loss of elegance (especially at security)

Flows in corridors

Flows at Terminal 2 's entrance

After the initial round of interviews and observations , we found there to be a ‘Service Crash’ , especially for arriving passengers into the Copenhagen airport. It starts from the Baggage area and continues onto the exit into the city…

Service crash

As a group this was something we found most profound and it became the basis for the rest of our project…


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