CIID, Design playground

Service design : Blueprinting and Experience prototyping…

Our chief insight from the first stage of interviews and observations was that of the service crash at the arrival into the airport , leading from baggage areas to the exit into the city . This essentially meant that passengers arriving at the airport had to go to the entire process of baggage collection and entry into the city/country by themselves, and could not find the right aid and cushioning experience when needed. This is a far cry from the great personal entry experience that the airport provided.

This  led us to come up with 4 interesting concepts, out of which we chose one. This was all about having a personal welcome experience at the Copenhagen airport…

To explain our concept we made this low fidelity video prototype :

After this stage , based on the inputs received we entered into this really interesting phase of experience prototyping and service blueprinting. I really enjoyed this part of the process as it meant constant zooming in and out , with an equal eye on details and the overall context at the same time.

Here we put together a short video with snippets of our process , which led to the final detailed concept.

‘OF BEING THE SERVICE’- Experience prototyping and Interviews
During the course of our interviews and experience prototyping we realized that people were much more relaxed when they knew they had somebody waiting for them at the arriving destination. These friends/family were there to guide them through the airport, to transportation, accommodation and other hurdles which would be faced in any new city.

So in the course of prototyping our experience solution, we were given all access to the baggage claim floor , where we carried out multiple iterations enacting this service for arriving passengers. We became the service personel , which ended up with us being dressed in blue uniforms and with badges. This we found was necessary to gain trust from the persons who looked like they needed aid.
Our final solution builds on small symbolic gestures that help provide a warm welcome to arriving passengers. The potential energy in these seemingly small exchanges came to life through experience prototyping.

People were not told that it was a trial project and believed that it was an actual service. We only revealed ourselves in the very end to get their inputs and thoughts. During the prototyping experience we came across people of many different backgrounds, but through testing we learned that their information needs are actually quite similar. Meeting these needs can be a challenge for individuals, who often have to rediscover solutions at each new airport. First impressions are important, and people appreciate small gestures.
It was an emotional and fulfilling experience in most of the cases because this is an interaction which people actually crave for at airports to provide solutions from the airport to the city.

Service Blueprint:

A website allows travelers to plan for a nicer welcome experience at Copenhagen Airport. Besides a free metro ticket and refreshment while waiting for their luggage, arriving travelers can also choose to have a personal guide welcome them and customize a deck of information cards to support and inspire their onward journey in the city of Copenhagen.


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