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Project update 2 .. Inspiration : Technological evolution , the Immaterial and our lives as cyborgs…

Some inspiration while approaching the thought about ‘Living in the Middle’ …

“What does technology want? “

Kevin Kelly speaks about technological evolution , by asking the question ‘What does technology want’
He posits that technology is moving towards or evolving towards…
He does this by cleverly comparing technological development to biological evolutionary trees and talks about the ‘Technium’ being the 7th kingdom of life. Quite interesting !

More of his ideas at :

I should ask myself too , “what does technology want” , especially with respect to living in the middle with the human and the natural environment.

“We are all Cyborgs now “

A really interesting talk by ‘cyborg anthropologist’ and ‘digital philosopher’ Amber Case , where she states that we live in worlds where we are all cyborgs.
We live in multiple planes in cyberspace, with multiple selves in multiple places in multiple times she says. We have externalized our brain processes and our bodily selves to second selves which require constant grooming and maintenance too.
She links it to the original definition of a cyborg : an organism to which exogenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new environments. There are some interesting terms she uses like ‘Techno-social wormholes’ which are warping time and space w.r.t communication.
She ends her talk with a thought that our multiple lives give us little time to self reflect and internalize thoughts and that is not something we should lose out on.

She brought out to fore some of the thoughts I had with regard to sociality and whether we could actually recognize our digital selves in the real world and vice versa.

“Designing with the IMMATERIALS”

Image from BERG blog

4 new materials to work with… a designers dream. That was my first reaction to the ‘Immaterials’ talk by BERG’s Matt Jones and Jack Schulze.

Gives me a few new thought tools through which I can approach my project. It almost gives me contexts to base the experiments I want work on with regard to ‘Living in the Middle’

‘Song of the spindle’

A cool Vimeo video which spoke a lot to me about finding ‘common ground’ , while approaching the actors in the 3 spheres I am thinking about.


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