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Randomness: experiments,thoughts, inspiration and Graffiti for bots ?….

‘Robot readable world’  …… So what would graffiti for robots / seeing algorithms look like ?

Maybe like so ?


Peter Jackson on George Lucas  and Star wars in the book  ‘The making of Star wars’ :

‘What Star Wars also did ….was create a science fiction / fantasy word that felt lived in , used. Things were scratched ; there were oil marks , things broke down. ‘ – speaking about the realism portrayed in star wars and the fact that we could identify with the sets created for the reasons stated above.

So what if I came up with devices which did not function perfectly , but were programmed to break down eventually , things which required care so as to make them last longer.

I also came across this set of experiments from Cesar Harada and Tomasso Lanza , which touched upon this subject


From Sherry Turkle’s book  ‘Alone together’ :

“I’m done with smart machines. I want a machine that’s attentive to my needs. Where are the sensitive machines?”
—Tweet available at dig_natRT @tigoe via @ramonapringle

So where are they?


“…think of objects not as instruments for our use, but as entities that are effectively linked and that need care – to think of objects as plants in our garden…Think of objects that are beautiful and useful as trees in your own garden, objects that endure and have lives of their own, objects that perform services and, require care…I am thinking of criteria of quality that leads to a system of objects that have the variety, complexity, life and blend of beauty and utility of a garden but, at the same time, are a product of the real world, a world extensively and intensively artificial.”
Ezio Manzini, “Prometheus of the Everyday”, Design Issues, 1992.

Interesting ….. another phrase that Manzini uses is  ‘ Considered as an operator acting in relation to the daily environment , the designers ultimate responsibility can only be to contribute to the production of a habitable world, a world in which human beings do not merely survive but also express and expand their cultural and spiritual possibilities. ‘

‘contribute to the production of a habitable world’ …..awesome !!!


‘If we were to record all the ways in which gross technological negligence — clear-cutting of forests, pollution from factories, etc.  –  destroys the integrity of the biosphere its clear we need to keep the technium in check or we’re in dire straits environmentally.  But I don’t think this destructive tendency is inherent in the technology. The technium wants many of the same things that we do.  Clean water, for example. Most industrial processes require clean water. Some high-tech processes require water that’s cleaner than drinking water.  In this sense the technium doesn’t want pollution; it wants the same kind of pristine environment that we want, especially with regards to higher technologies……..

….Pollution is the same — the solution to pollution in most cases is better technology. All the trajectories for the technium are towards recycling materials including pollutants, energy efficiency, scarcity substitutions, the replacement of mass with information — all of which we would call green technology.
I can imagine the technium and nature being in harmony over the long term with the exception of one area where these two forces don’t seem to be in alignment: elimination of species habitat. The technium seems to be insensitive to species elimination. I think this a real problem, but it quickly became apparent that we didn’t have a very good understanding of all the species on the earth.    ‘

– Kevin Kelly on the TECHNIUM , the 7th kingdom of life and its attitude to the environment…


Inspiration : Ted Chiang’s ‘Lifecycle of Software objects’ …… a must read…


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