It’s been an year of change and interesting new grounds

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, so I thought a quick update is on the cards.
I moved to Berlin last September and have been working at Service Innovation labs here. SI Labs is a start-up focused on consulting with Urban mobility projects for major automotive clients in Germany.
We are a small young team of 5 but we are now growing quickly, having moved to a new office and expecting more talent to join us soon. The future of this start-up looks quite promising with challenging projects so far. I will be here for a year and so do drop by if you are in the city.
Berlin pic

In the meanwhile I have also been working on my pet project Persona along with Seckin and Marco. Loads of learning in collaboration with our development and marketing teams. We are getting to a finish slowly but surely. More updates on that soon!

PS. I have a tumblr account now, displaying some quick experiments into the Physical and Digital. It is at ‘…& other tales of wonder” .


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