About me

Hello , I am Harsha.
I have been a practitioner and student in the art & craft of Design from the past 6 years.
In this time I have had the privilege of working with teams in a range of environments and subjects, from re-imagining email clients, spatial and product design in schools and offices, Service/experience design for passengers in the Copenhagen airport and more recently with building eco-systems based on mobile technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in India.

I am passionate about asking the right questions and understanding perspectives, through a people centered approach to research & looking at technology. I particularly enjoy the process of rapid experience prototyping/co-creation seeking meaningful interactions. This is a methodology in which I have honed my skills during my time as a Masters candidate at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design CIID, Denmark last year and I look forward to apply this in professional practice.
My work portfolio.

I believe in using my skills to craft beautiful experiences and tell compelling stories.
I also think that meaningful and holistic design happens while exploring the confluence of …
Nature & Technology
Human & Machine
Objects & Systems
Research & Prototyping
Form & Function

I have previously worked as an Industrial Designer both in the corporate sector (Godrej and boyce mfg co ltd , 2008-10) and as a freelance designer (2010) . In this period I have played with with furniture design , lifestlye accesories , toys and more.
I have a Masters Degree in Industrial Design (Mdes) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) in the 2006-08 batch. Before that I have procured my Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Vishweshwariah Institute of Technology, India.


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